Practically Every Plating You Want!

"We proudly provide custom plating service."

We have tremendous knowledge of all kind of plating. 
If you order over 50Pcs per one specific design,
we can arrange pretty much every plating you want.
Of course, surface or shape features of materials matters.
But, practically every plating is possible!
Different plating can give your supplies a completely different appearance.

Possible Platings..

16K Premium Gold Plating
- Much more valuable than regular gold plating.
It does not flake or fade off easily.
price can move a bit higher(almost same as matte gold plating)

Tarnish Resistant Rhodium Finish
- Much more valuable than regular silver plating.
Regular silver plating is usually sterling silver plated over a base metal.
They tarnish very easily.

Rhodium belongs to the Platinum group of metals. All of them present outstanding chemical
inertness (will not react or change easily) thus, rhodium will not tarnish whereas silver
will. They are very expensive, so only a very thin plate is applied to reduce the amount
of metal in the jewel.
price can move a bit higher(almost same as matte silver plating)

Matte Finish
If you want to give decent apeal to your creation,
try these gorgeous finishing touches.

Possible Matte Finishing..
Matte Silver,
Matte Gold(14K, 16K, 18K),
Medium Oxidized

Matte Black Heavy Plating
This plating is our specialty! 
All our matte black findings are specially treated for a outstanding soft, silky feel. 
Yes, you already know how hard it is to find really good matte black findings in these days.


※ A few thing you need to know..
- We don't do Gold Fill.  
- High End Supplies and Antiqued Patinated findings can be limited in their plating.

for more information. :-)

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