Custom Design Service

"Yes, we do offer custom design service.
Turning your ideas into reality, FAST!"

Experience a whole new different level of meticulous craftsmanship and exceptional quality!
Make your business stand out above the rest!
We thrive on doing what others deem impossible or impractical and doing it FAST!

Craftspeople of Sun Bijoux Intl. take pride in the quality and durability of every project we touch.
We are all practiced in crafting Solid Gold, 925 Sterling Silver, Brass.

Sun Bijoux Intl. will work with you using extensive experience in manufacturing high-end jewelry
making supplies to create totally original design concepts to satisfy the most discriminating
taste and demand.

Our responsive design team will ensure you remain alerted at every significant milestone
along the way to ensure you are always kept in the loop by providing expert advices,
photo shoot previews of your product
from several different angles, allowing you to “see” every detail prior to production.

And, we guarantee your Custom Designed products will arrive correct and
on-time everytime!

Get started today!

How to Order?

1) Submit custom order quotation
- By E-mail.
Since, we are located in a different time-zone(South Korea Standard Time) is GMT (UTC) +9,
the quickest way to communicate with us is by E-mail.
Unburdened by business hours or time zones.
Best of all, you don't have to rely on memory or hastily written notes of what we have discussed. ;D
Our customer service manager's name is Bobby, and he's the one you will usually hear from
when you place an order via e-mail. =)

- By Fax
Just fill out the quotation form and Fax it to +82-2-6008-4319
One of our customer service associates will contact you by phone or by email within 24 hours.

2) Sample Making
- Takes a week(Without any revision.)
- Final Revision.
If you change your mind about any minor(nothing major) aspect of your design..
Just send us an email and tell us what you want to change. If you have accepted the design
and then require a change later on we do charge a fee for that.
- This stage can be skipped once your custom design is completed.
(Since we already have a mold for your design, there's no need to take extra time to make
another sample for it.)

3) Choose of materials, stone colors, etc.

4) Manufacturing
- Generally takes two weeks(working days) to make raw material.
- Thorough QC(Quality Control) of raw material
- Custom plating on your demand
- After plating QC(Quality Control)

5) Final delivery via FedEx International!

How many pieces do I need to fill?

- Minimum order over 100 to 300 Pcs per one design.
It depends on the size of your design. =)
- This quantity can consist of a mixture of different kinds of platings that you want to order.
But, Qty. of each plating should exceed 50 to 60 pcs.
- Sample plates are available(Sample plates are doable for only 2-4 Pcs)
- Prices may vary slightly with different platings.
- Since, we never sell or show any custom designs to others.
Once you make a contract with us, you have to purchase all 300 Pcs within a month or two.
Thank you very much.

for more information. :-)

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